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How to Migrate Your Online Community in 4 Stages

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Most of us hate moving. It means hassle, stress, PACKING, money, time. But it’s one of those things you just have to do sometimes. And in the end, it’s usually worth it for a bigger space, a better yard, a quicker commute, more bathrooms.

It’s the same way when you’re considering a system migration, especially when it’s software you’ve invested a lot into, like your online community.

Project management of a system migration isn’t easy, but with careful planning, and a little bit of advice from experts, you can guide the process with clarity.

We’ve broken the online community migration process into four stages, with tips to help you manage each stage.

  • Decision: Knowing if You Should Switch Platforms
  • Preparation: Getting Ready for Your Migration
  • Management: When You’re Migrating Your Community
  • Adoption: Ensuring Product Adoption Among Staff and Users