What's the average engagement rate for an online community? Is the 90-9-1 rule for online engagement still true? How should we define engagement? 

If you've ever wondered (or are wondering now) about the answers to these questions, join us for this upcoming webinar. 

Heather McNair, Chief Community Officer at Higher Logic, and Mikhail Opletayev, VP of Software Engineering and Data Services will be discussing these ideas, all based on new data recently released in the 2020 Engagement Trends Report (covering data from across 1,000+ of our customers' community sites). 

The 2020 Engagement Trends Report uses our Engagement Benchmark Score to identify 3 trends in community engagement. You won't want to miss the expert insights these two will share about the science of successful communities.

Watch the Recording

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2020 Engagement Trends Report

On-Demand Webinar

Join us for an inside look at the 2020 Engagement Trends Report